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Consider Concrete Overlays to Give Your Retail Store Distinct Personality

To determine how you can give your retail store distinct personality and character, start by thinking of the things that you find most appealing at your favorite stores. In addition to excellent merchandise, great customer service, and nice displays, you probably notice the floor since it is the largest surface area. Therefore, to make your business more enticing, you should consider some of the many incredible concrete overlays.

Concrete Overlay in Retail Store

Concrete Overlay in Retail Store

Concrete overlays, like SunStone and SunCanvas, provide benefits beyond making your retail store more visually pleasing. For instance, overlays hide minor imperfections in the surface of a concrete floor. Because of that, there is no need to have deficiencies corrected before the installation of this decorative solution. In addition, overlays reduce accidental falls that can cause injury. With a nonslip surface, customers and employees can safely move about your store.

Something else to consider is that because concrete overlays work exceptionally well both indoors and outdoors, you can create a more cohesive design for your store. Whether choosing the same decorative concrete for the interior and exterior or two complementary overlays, people will take notice. The overlay on the outside will grab attention while the overlay on the inside will enhance the shopping experience.

Another reason why concrete overlays are perfect for your retail store is that you can customize them. Along with a broad range of beautiful colors, a professional installer can create unique patterns using score lines, saw cuts, and more. Even if one of your greatest competitors is relatively close by, you have the opportunity to give your customers something different.

A fascinating aspect of concrete overlays in retail shops is that an expert can create lines that help guide consumers to certain areas. For instance, if you have a section in your store for clearance items or to promote new products, a brightly colored line subliminally encourages people to follow it. As a result, you will see increased sales.

Stained Concrete: Turning Any Room in Your Home into a Masterpiece

Have you ever walked into a home only to feel blown away by its sheer beauty? If so, there is a good chance that you felt somewhat envious, wishing you could accomplish the same thing. The good news is that you can by having stained concrete installed in one or more rooms of your home.

Decorative Concrete System in Basement

Decorative Concrete System in Basement

Although there are numerous reasons why stained concrete is so beautiful, its undeniable custom look ranks at the top of the list. The outcome of the mottled color effects of this flooring solution is unique and custom to each and every home. This gives a home character, making this type of decorative concrete an exceptional choice. Stained concrete flooring offers limitless designs.

Because of the endless style options, you can transform the look of every room in the home. For customization for the various rooms in your home, a professional installer will use various mixing and application techniques. With such a broad range of color options, you will have no problem keeping your home cohesive yet with individualized rooms.

You can choose from different stencils or patterns using saw cuts. These design effects are incredible, further enhancing stained concrete floors. To you and a professional installer, the concrete floors in each room of your home serve as a blank canvas on which to create a masterpiece.

While achieving your dream of being one of those homes that blows people away, you get to enjoy other benefits of stained concrete. This is also a flooring solution environmentally friendly, and is great for people with allergies.  It is also very easy to clean and maintain. 

For unmatched beauty, you will never go wrong with stained concrete. Among the many different available protective coating products to use with stained concrete, SunOne and SunEpoxy work perfectly to seal in the color, and transform any room of your home into something incredible.

Stamped Pool Deck: Transforming an Ordinary Outdoor Space into Something Extraordinary

Stamped Pool Deck

Stamped Pool Deck

A backyard swimming pool is a great place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. In addition, the pool is the perfect place for family gatherings and parties with friends. Instead of something ordinary, an increasing number of people are choosing stamped pool decks. This decorative concrete surface transforms an ordinary outdoor space into something extraordinary.

With a high-quality product, like SunStamp, you have almost endless possibilities for colors, textures, and patterns. If you want to enhance the appearance of your pool area, this is an excellent solution. To aid in the selection process, consider factors like the size of your backyard, the size and shape of the pool, the type of landscaping and lighting, and even architectural features of your home.

Stamped pool decks come in a broad range of options, making it easy to choose something that coordinates with a particular theme or decor. If you want your backyard space to look luxurious, a stamped surface that replicates expensive flagstone or slate is perfect. On the other hand, if the area is more casual or rustic, then a stamped pattern that mimics brick would probably be a better solution.

Along with visual appeal, stamped pool decks are reliable, durable, long lasting, and even safe. With the right formula, the surface becomes slip resistant. With better footing, there is less risk of someone slipping and sustaining an injury. Another benefit is that stamped concrete resists both chemicals and moisture, two things associated with a swimming pool that would wreak havoc on a more conventional surface. Because stamped pool decks are resistant to stains, you never have to worry if one of your guests accidentally drops food or a drink.

With this decorative concrete surface, the look and feel of your outdoor space change dramatically for the better. For optimal results, your pool deck should be professionally sealed.

A Growing Number of Architects Now Recommend Concrete Resurfacing to Clients

Architects are responsible for recommending various things to clients renovating a home or business, but they also cross-sell. Typically, architects suggest only the finest and most expensive solutions. However, when it comes to concrete, a different trend has emerged. Today, many of the best architects are recommending that their clients consider concrete resurfacing as opposed to having a new concrete substrate poured and installed.

Architects Choose Concrete Overlays by Sundek

Concrete Resurfacing Systems by Sundek

  • Speedy Project – Getting a client’s home or business finished on time or ahead of schedule is beneficial to both architects and owners. Happy owners are more likely to refer the services of the architect they used. Comparing a new concrete installation with concrete resurfacing, the latter is a much faster solution. Ultimately, this prevents a home or business owner from being In fact, most are not displaced for any length of time, if at all.
  • Mess – Having an old concrete surface removed and a new one poured involves multiple steps that leave a significant mess. Once the old surface comes out, broken up pieces of concrete get piled up until eliminated from the property. Also, the work involved to remove an old concrete surface creates a tremendous amount of dust. Even if outside, dust particles magically find their way inside. With concrete resurfacing, there is virtually no mess and, therefore, no dust.
  • Potential Complaints and Fines – Depending on where the home or business is, the owner could be at risk for receiving complaints and even fines because of construction. For instance, if a homeowner living in a homeowners’ association chooses to have an old driveway ripped up, the owner could receive a fine for having a pile of rubble outside. With concrete resurfacing, an installer finishes the work quickly and with very little mess, so there are no complaints or fines.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics – With so many options for concrete resurfacing, home and business owners can achieve any aesthetic. Depending on the product and application, a professional installer can create a surface that looks sophisticated, rustic, modern, and so on. Not only will the resurfaced concrete look beautiful on its own, it will also enhance the appearance of the home or business.

Architects know that concrete resurfacing is the best solution for their clients and their own business. For that reason, it makes more sense for them to recommend this option rather than a complete concrete installation. The best architects also recommend the best products, including SunEpoxy 100, SunOne, and SunStone. The bottom line is that top architects understand that resurfacing concrete is a win-win situation for everyone.

The 3 Industrial Flooring Systems Chosen by the Best General Contractors

When it comes to flooring solutions, there is a dramatic difference in what homeowners need compared to industrial business owners. Because of the work environment, industrial flooring must be durable, reliable, long lasting, and resistant to a host of things, like chemicals, impacts, abrasions, and so on.

Sundek Commercial Flooring Systems

Sundek Commercial Flooring Systems

To provide workers with a pleasant work environment and enhance overall safety on the job, the best general contractors recommend three specific types of industrial flooring.

  1. Polyaspartic Flooring – Polyaspartic flooring, such as a product like SunOne, is an exceptional choice. For one thing, this kind of industrial flooring dries and cures in just one day. That means that warehouses, distribution centers, factories, manufacturing companies, and more experience little to no downtime. This product is also UV stable; therefore, it will never yellow or blush. Also, SunOne is resistant to stains caused by oil and grease, among other things, as well as abrasions. Because of that, polyaspartic flooring retains its beauty while being fully functional.
  2. Epoxy Flooring – Another top choice by general contractors is epoxy flooring. This type of flooring solution is also robust and durable. Other qualities include abrasion, stain, moisture, and grease resistance, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. Also, epoxy comes in a broad range of colors, perfect for boosting employee morale. For something more sophisticated, contractors often recommend metallic flake epoxy, which has varying degrees of shimmer based on what the company owner wants.
  3. Polished Concrete Flooring – Polished concrete is the third type of industrial flooring suggested by the best general contractors. When sealed and properly maintained, polished concrete will provide years of service. Even in harsh environments, this flooring system will easily outlast others. Polished concrete is also beautiful and durable, and maintenance is a breeze. This industrial flooring solution can stand up to heavy foot and vehicle traffic, dropped tools, spills, and much more.