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What Makes Metallic Epoxy Flooring Different from Regular Epoxy?

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to epoxy, finding a better flooring solution is hard. After all, this decorative concrete coating is aesthetically pleasing, durable, long-lasting, available in a broad range of colors, and resistant to moisture, impact, abrasion, stains, chemicals, and oil and grease. With everything combined, you will have a tough time finding anything better. For something extraordinary, you can choose metallic epoxy flooring.

With metallic epoxy flooring, you will enjoy all the benefits mentioned. SunMetal FX is a fantastic product used in conjunction with SunEpoxy 54, SunEpoxy 100, SunOne Polyaspartic, or even acrylic sealers. This product creates a 3D illusion that resembles a lava lamp, swirling water, ripples, or craters. Therefore, you end up with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Available in 12 stunning metallic pearl pigments, the results are mesmerizing.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy

However, you can also choose clear, silver, or bright-colored metallic pigments, which get added to regular epoxy. As the customer, you get to select the volume of metallic that you want, which will impact the aesthetics of the finished project. For instance, if you have a professional law office, just a sprinkling of metallic would suffice, whereas, if you own a video arcade, you would probably want a more dramatic look accomplished by increasing the amount of metallic product added.

By using the right quantity of color, you can even achieve an exotic metallic epoxy floor. Depending on what you decide, these mica pigments get dispersed in a variety of binders that result in a seamless floor. For an automotive dealership showroom, retail store, nightclub, commercial service center, or a host of other businesses, the aesthetic is undeniably gorgeous.

Just like regular epoxy, metallic epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic and industrial environments. The glossy surface, beautiful color, and reflective flakes make this a flooring solution a superb option for any home or business.

Epoxy Flooring: An Excellent Choice for Home and Business Owners

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to renovating and building, home and business owners sometimes rely on unique solutions. For example, when constructing a restaurant that will cater to hundreds of customers on a daily basis, a large kitchen with commercial vents and fireproof walls is essential, but a family of four only requires the basics. However, when it comes to floors, there is an option that works for both parties.

Epoxy flooring has become more than just a solution for residential garages and dealership service centers. This decorative coating is perfect for homes, as well as virtually any type of business. That means that epoxy is excellent for small cottages, massive mansions, doggie daycares, and prestigious law firms alike.

One of the main attractions of epoxy flooring is its durability and resistance to things like spills, grease, oil, chemicals, impact, abrasions, and stains. For homeowners, using epoxy in a kitchen or laundry room provides peace of mind that the floor can handle any accidental spills. This same flooring system is ideal for restaurants, bars, and other businesses where accidents commonly occur.

The beauty of epoxy floors also gets rave reviews from both home and business owners. This decorative coating is available in a broad selection of colors that range from subtle to vibrant. With so much versatility combined with a little bit of creativity, people can create whatever aesthetic they want, using just one color or a combination of several. In fact, a professional can install a product like SunEpoxy 54, followed by creating unique textures and patterns.

Even beautiful design elements are possible. As an example, a business owner could have the name of the company or perhaps a logo added to the reception area floor using epoxy. In the same way, a homeowner can get a family crest or some interesting design in the foyer of the home. The bottom line is that with epoxy, the possibilities are endless.

In addition to stunning color choices, both a home and business owner can embellish the product by having metallic flakes, aggregates, or other things added. When applied, epoxy flooring takes on a new appearance. With aggregates, a business owner could have epoxy installed on a walkway, while a homeowner might have it added to the pool deck. In both cases, the surface looks great but also becomes slip resistant. Regardless of the situation, epoxy flooring is an excellent choice.

7 Things to Look for in a Decorative Concrete Contractor

Decorative Concrete Contractor

Award Winning Decorative Concrete Contractor

Before hiring just any decorative concrete contractor to work on your home or business, you should know the most seven critical things to look for so that you choose the right individual. After all, you want the finished project to meet or surpass your expectations, which is only possible when specific things are in place.

  1. Experience – One of the most important criteria to look for in a decorative concrete contractor is experience. You want to hire someone with years in this business, specifically someone who has experience working with the type of concrete coating that you want to have installed.
  2. Product Choice – It is also essential to look for a contractor who uses only superior quality products, like SunEpoxy 100, SunStamp, SunStone, and Tuscan.
  3. Licensing – Any decorative concrete contractor worth hiring will have current licensing. With that, you have greater peace of mind in the person’s ability and dedication.
  4. Insurance – You also want to hire a contractor who maintains proper insurance coverage, not only for their protection but also yours. That way, if the person fails to finish the project or gets injured while on the job, you are not legally or financially liable.
  5. Excellent Communication – Especially if you are not sure what you want, it is imperative to hire a decorative concrete contractor who can offer suggestions and provide guidance. The person should be easy to communicate with before, during, and after the job.
  6. References – A professional contractor will gladly provide you with a list of references, both recent and from the past. With that, you can get firsthand feedback.
  7. Professionalism – Finally, make sure that the decorative concrete contractor you hire is 100 percent professional at all times. That does not mean that the individual cannot be funny and personable, but that person’s primary goal is to do an outstanding job to ensure your satisfaction.

The Incredible Versatility of Decorative Concrete Overlays

Decorative concrete overlays

Decorative concrete overlays

If you have a hard floor surface that has started to fade, crack, discolor, or experience some other kind of minor damage, you should seriously consider decorative concrete overlays. When professionally installed, an overlay will transform virtually any surface, such as a driveway, walkway, pool deck, or interior floor.

That alone makes decorative concrete overlays tremendously valuable, but there are even more reasons for going this route. For instance, quality overlays are reliable, durable, and long lasting. Once installed, they create a surface that appears new. Another reason for choosing overlays is their incredible versatility when it comes to design elements.

For one thing, decorative concrete overlays come in a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns. If preferred, you can mix and match colors, patterns, and textures. You also can have the installer use more than one type of overlay to create a unique look. For the inside or outside of your home or business, you have limitless possibilities.

If you need ideas, you can scour the internet or talk to a professional installer. Working together, you can come up with a unique concept or stick with a more traditional overlay. Regardless of what you ultimately choose, the durability of decorative concrete overlays is another huge selling point. Especially when applied over a driveway that has signs of wear and tear, the difference with the finished project is staggering.

One aspect of decorative overlays that make them different from other options is that as long as cracks, pits, and additional surface damage are minor, there is no need for pre-repair. In fact, as part of their versatility, overlays will fill and smooth out minor imperfections, creating a solid surface that is beautiful and one of a kind. Once properly sealed with a product like SunClear EcoProtect, your new overlay will last for years.

Why Acid Based Stain Has Increased in Popularity

Acid based stain

Acid based stain

Among the different options available for decorative concrete, acid-based stains have increased significantly in popularity not only for floors but also walls, countertops, outdoor spaces, and a host of other vertical and horizontal surfaces. If you wonder why this particular solution seems to be surpassing others, there are a few things to consider.

For one thing, many people like a permanent color, which is not something that every concrete coating provides. However, an acid-based stain does. Unlike a water-based stain, which merely changes the surface color, acid stain penetrates concrete. That permeation is what allows the color to become permanent. For both home and business owners, permanent equals better value.

Another reason for the growing popularity of an acid-based stain is that although the color is permanent, there are still ways to change it if someone decides down the road that they want something different. In that case, a professional installer can apply a different color of stain or can use a colored sealer, which modifies the aesthetics to some degree.

The fact that acid stain produces a marbled variegated effect is also an attractive feature. With this type of stain, as it penetrates, it then reacts to specific chemical compounds in the concrete. The result is a variegated surface that looks beautiful. As a bonus, because the reaction is unique for every concrete surface, no two results are ever the same. That individuality is also a driving force in the increased sales of an acid-based stain.

People can rely on this option to create a gorgeous translucent effect, making the surface appear new. With everything combined, it is easy to see why an acid-based stain is in such high demand.