Creating a Rustic Outdoor Patio Design with SunStamp

Outdoor Patio Design with SunStamp

Outdoor Patio Design with SunStamp

With warm weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to focus on updating your outdoor living area. If you prefer an informal, comfortable, and rustic outdoor patio design, SunStamp is an excellent choice of product.

As a type of decorative concrete overlay, SunStamp is perfect for achieving a rustic look and feel. Because of the incredible versatility of this product, combined with modern technology a hint of Old World elegance, a professional installer will have no problem giving you an outdoor patio design that perfectly matches your criteria.

An expert can use your ideas or come up with a rustic design for transforming your existing patio. SunStamp, which is a multifaceted overlay, is an exceptional product. For example, using colored oxides, stains, or an acrylic finish, the installer can create a stunning color. However, this overlay also combines templates, stamps, and freeform carving so that, ultimately, you end up with a customized design unlike any other.

Your new rustic outdoor patio design will wow family members and friends who come to visit. To further enhance your one-of-a-kind masterpiece, you can select the right type of greenery, throw blankets and pillows, lighting, furniture, and more. With everything in place, your patio area will have the rustic appeal you desire. Not only will it look fantastic, it will also provide you with many years of flawless service.

Another advantage of using SunStamp to create a rustic outdoor patio design is that there is no need to rip out the existing concrete surface. Instead, a professional applies this product on top, which helps hide surface imperfections while creating the ideal look. As a result, you can have your patio area ready in plenty of time to entertain guests.

Although you have many options, to get the rustic outdoor patio design that you want, you might consider a surface that resembles river rock, flagstone, brick, or even wood. With the project complete, everyone will love spending time in your backyard.

Classic Texture: The Perfect Solution for Hotel Pool Deck Surfaces

Golden Nugget Biloxi - Hotel Pool Deck with Classic Texture

Golden Nugget Biloxi – Hotel Pool Deck with Classic Texture

It is just as important to make upgrades to the exterior of your hotel as it is to ensure the interior looks great. One of the best ways to achieve your goal of getting ahead of the competition and building a more successful business is with a new hotel pool deck surface. Instead of waiting until the last minute, start planning today by using an incredible product called Classic Texture by Sundek.

First introduced in 1970, Classic Texture is the original spray-on acrylic texture overlay. Hailed as the product that started the decorative concrete revolution, this product continues to be one of the best-sellers on the market. For that reason, you will feel 100 percent confident in your decision to use it to transform the pool deck at your hotel.

There are even more reasons to consider this specific product. A professional installer can apply it to existing concrete, thereby changing the overall look and feel of your pool area. By itself, it is stunning, but you can enhance the pool deck further with customization by having Classic Texture used in conjunction with other products like SunStamp and Tuscan. With that, you can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that guests will love and talk about after their stay.

Safe Walking Surface - Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface – Classic Texture

With Classic Texture, you can get as creative as you want by having masonry effects, score lines, or even aggregate effects added. To give the hotel pool deck unique personality and character, consider having the expert use more than one color or design effect. For instance, you could have an aggregate pathway leading from the pool to the jacuzzi or child’s pool. Another option involves customized designs placed on the deck’s surface.

This overlay is cooler to the touch than many coatings, making it possible for guests to walk around without burning their feet. Also, the Classic Texture features slip-resistant qualities, which dramatically reduce the risk of someone slipping and getting injured. Overall, this spray-on texture overlay is perfect for your hotel pool deck.

Creating a Safe Walking Surface with Sundek Products

Beyond beauty, one of the main reasons for choosing one of Sundek’s products is to create a safe walking surface. For walkways, patios, driveways, courtyards, pool decks, water parks and other outdoor surfaces, Classic Texture, SunSand, and SunSplash are all excellent choices. Especially when you’re dealing with rain and snow, having a slip-resistant surface will put your mind at ease at home and work.

Safe Walking Surface - Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface – Classic Texture

Classic Texture

Classic Texture has become the number one solution for pool decks, although you can have it applied to other exterior surfaces. As the original spray-on acrylic texture overlay, it has proven itself over and over for almost 50 years. The slip-resistant surface is one of the primary benefits, but it also remains cool to the touch. For that reason, people never have to worry about burning their feel while walking barefoot in the summer. Overall, Classic Texture ranks among the best options for achieving a safe walking surface.


This Sundek product is another acrylic spray-on texture coating that works great for both horizontal and vertical applications. However, when it’s professionally applied to courtyards, patios, pathways, pool decks, and driveways, it provides a safe walking surface. In addition to its slip-resistant surface, other features include durability, easy maintenance, and customization using masonry effects, score lines, aggregates, and beautiful colors.


SunSand is somewhat different in that this product is acrylic paint with aggregates added to make it another excellent choice for creating a safe walking surface. Along with that, it produces a beautiful shine. As hard water-based paint with a low-viscosity, it resists abrasions and a significant number of chemicals. Also, because SunSand cures quickly, it is ideal for projects with tight deadlines.

Safe Walking Surface - SunSand

Safe Walking Surface – SunSand

Enjoy a Safe Walking Surface

Regardless of which of these Sundek products you choose, your exterior concrete surface will look stunning and offer a safe walking surface. If you need help deciding, talk to a professionally trained installer who can provide further information and guidance.

How a Microtopping Is Used to Resurface and Renew a Concrete Floor

Before Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Before Concrete Floor Resurfacing

For concrete floor resurfacing and renewal, microtoppings are perfect. A common misconception is that once old concrete starts cracking, discoloring, or experiencing surface imperfections, your only solution is to rip it out and start over. The truth is that microtoppings restore floors, driveways, patios, and other concrete surfaces. Because the imperfections almost disappear, the surface looks new. In addition, you can choose from gorgeous color and design effects.

Used indoors and outdoors for both residential and commercial applications, resurfacing provides a clean surface ideal for decorative treatments, like stains and dyes. Although some microtoppings for concrete floor resurfacing come tinted in a broad range of colors, you can have yours customized. Depending on the look that you want, you can choose a traditional color or, for a more interesting look, go with a variety of colors.

SunCanvas is one of the most popular microtoppings on the market today. This paper-thin overlay will transform the appearance of your current concrete surface. Along with using your choice of colors, a professional installer can create stenciled or scored designs.

After Concrete Floor Resurfacing

After Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Concrete floor resurfacing offers many additional benefits worth noting. For instance, microtoppings help reduce or eliminate allergens that get stuck in carpet. Also, if you prefer a seamless application, meaning the surface is continuous, you will spend little time on cleaning and maintenance. In fact, you can keep the surface looking pristine by sweeping, mopping, and power washing when needed for an outdoor application.

Using microtoppings for concrete floor resurfacing is a relatively quick process. Once the installer prepares the surface, which entails cleaning and repairing small imperfections, the microtopping gets spread over the existing concrete. After it dries, you can customize the look by adding stain or dye. If preferred, you can leave your new floor as-is or have it further enhanced with stenciling or score lines. To finish the project, experts recommend applying a clear sealer that will enhance the appearance and act as a second layer of protection.

How to Clean and Maintain a Sundek SunCanvas Interior Concrete Floor

SunCanvas surface

SunCanvas surface

SunCanvas interior flooring is a perfect solution for both residential and commercial applications. This paper-thin microtopping overlay gets applied over an existing concrete surface with blemishes to produce a beautiful, smooth surface. For a more dramatic transformation, you can have stain added at the time of installation and, once dry, add score lines or stenciling. With the installation complete, you want a sealer applied to the surface.

Because SunCanvas has a seamless surface, concrete floor maintenance requires nothing more than sweeping and mopping. However, you can keep the surface looking new by using a product called SunKleen. Especially for stubborn stains consisting of grease or polish buildup, this product is ideal.

Unlike other concrete floor cleaners, SunKleen easily penetrates stuck-on grease. What makes this product unique is that it breaks the bond at the surface so that you can remove the entire stain, not just the top layer. You can even use this product to remove old polish by scrubbing the floor with it and then rinsing well and allowing the surface to completely dry. Especially when dealing with hard-to-clean areas and ongoing concrete floor maintenance, this product will save you time and energy.

Considered the best decorative concrete all-purpose cleaner on the market, SunKleen will never disappoint. Instead of using just any degreaser or multipurpose floor cleaner that could damage the SunCanvas microtopping overlay or yield subpar results, you want to use a specially formulated product. For the toughest grease stains, no all-purpose cleaner works better.

SunCanvas Concrete OverlayTo use SunKleen, mix one part cleaner with eight parts water. For grease stains or polish buildup, you can spray it on and then gently buff the area using a soft sponge or cloth. Whether you use this product for cleaning or concrete floor maintenance, always follow the manufacturer’s safety guidelines or have a professional clean the floor on your behalf.