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Concrete Resurfacing: Tips for Achieving a Customized Look

Tuscan Concrete Resurfacing System

Tuscan Concrete Resurfacing System

If you are not already aware, concrete resurfacing is an excellent alternative to having an existing slab ripped out and reinstalled. In this case, a professional installer or contractor applies an overlay of your choosing, transforming both the appearance and functionality of the surface. Not only does this help hide small imperfections, but also changes the look by using color, textures, and patterns.

Because there is no mess, and usually, an expert can complete the job in a single day, concrete resurfacing has become the preferred choice for both home and business owners. For that reason, most people customize the final look. With so many surfaces redone, they want something unique and different from houses next door or neighboring businesses.

By using specific products, it is possible to achieve a customized look. Take Tuscan for example, a handcrafted hand troweled overlay applied by an artisan. Instead of using mats, templates, and more conventional equipment, this expert works on every inch of the new surface by hand. As part of that, the individual can create special textures and patterns to ensure your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway, floor, or any other surface stands out.

Interior Concrete Resurfacing

Interior Concrete Resurfacing

A micro-topping is another possibility for concrete resurfacing projects. With a product like SunCanvas, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization. If your goal is to have a new floor with a marbled effect and incredible shine, try concrete resurfacing. This micro-topping is hypoallergenic, highly durable, making it ideal for moderate to high traffic areas, and for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Concrete resurfacing works perfectly for horizontal and vertical applications. Therefore, if you want to transform the look of fireplace surrounds, kitchen countertops, walls, stair fronts, water features, fire pits, and more, you can. Also, consider having aggregates added. Whether you select cobblestones, quartz beads, colored glass, metallic flakes, sea shells, or even fossils, the finished project will make a lasting impression.

Fix Ugly Concrete with These Excellent Options

Fix Ugly Concrete

Fix Ugly Concrete

Although concrete is one of the strongest and longest-lasting materials, it can eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear. Thankfully, you don’t have to tear it all out and start from scratch. Instead, concrete resurfacing allows you to completely transform your existing surface.

Whether indoors or out, you can have an overlay applied to your existing concrete surface. There are multiple products to select from that will transform both appearance and functionality. For example, to get a custom hand-troweled surface, Tuscan is perfect. However, if you want concrete that resembles another material such as stone, brick, slate, wood, or another material, try stamped concrete. If you’re looking for something sophisticated and elegant, consider stained concrete.

Epoxy is another great option. Although people commonly choose this coating for garage floors, it works well for a variety of home and business applications. It resists stains, impact, moisture, grease, abrasions, and a host of other things. You can select from multiple colors, textures, and patterns to create whatever look you want.

If you’re interested on getting started on your project, contact an authorized installer in your area to get started!

Outdoor Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers to maintain a new look

Concrete sealers to maintain a new look

After applying stamped concrete to an exterior surface of your home, the expert will seal it. The primary benefit of outdoor concrete sealers is that they serve as a second layer of protection against oil, stains, deicing chemicals, antifreeze, and more. However, sealers also protect against hot tire marks, abrasions, and daily wear and tear. You will even find that keeping the surface clean becomes much easier.

For the best results, you want to hire a Sundek installer or contractor with experience who uses top-quality products, like SunClear EcoProtect and SunClear UltraProtect. Along with the benefits mentioned, resealing a stamped surface will enhance the color and even maintain the integrity of the design, whether it is rock, brick, wood, slate, or something else.

Resealing Schedule

Just as with the initial application of outdoor concrete sealers, it is just as important to have the surface resealed. For stamped concrete, the most trusted source suggests resealing every two to three years. If the area receives a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, you should schedule resealing for each year to two years, while less-busy areas could probably go three.

For enjoying all the benefits of resealing a surface with outdoor concrete sealers, the installer will apply the product at just the right level. If applied too thick, the sealer could puddle on the surface rather than penetrate it. Using a water-based acrylic sealer, that individual will also reapply the sealer in two coats. 

Finding the Right Installer

Because both the initial and follow-up applications of outdoor concrete sealers are so critical, when you search for a qualified professional for the project, make sure that person follows the appropriate schedule. Going by the recommended schedule is the best thing you can do for the stamped decorative concrete application.

By having a driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck, or some other outdoor surface resealed on time, it will look amazing and provide you with many years of enjoyment, virtually maintenance free.

Protect Newly Resurfaced Patios with Outdoor Concrete Sealers

Outdoor concrete sealers used on Tuscan surface finish

Outdoor concrete sealers used on Tuscan surface finish

After discovering that you could salvage an old and outdated patio with a resurfacing process, you now have a finished project that looks incredible. Instead of feeling embarrassed to have friends and family over, you look forward to hosting get-togethers. However, before doing that, you need to look at the options for outdoor concrete sealers that give your new patio a second layer of protection.

Depending on the type of sealer you choose, perhaps a superior-quality product like SunClear EcoProtect, you can opt for something clear or tinted. If your new patio has a unique design or color, you probably want to look at clear concrete sealers. However, to enhance the color of your new concrete surface, you could have a tinted sealer applied. In that case, the sealer would only make the patio look more stunning as opposed to taking away from the color.

Even if your patio has a cover or roof to keep the area dry, mold and mildew tend to be problematic during certain parts of the year. Concrete sealers work great at keeping both mold and mildew at bay so that your concrete patio always looks incredible. At the same time, a quality product protects from stains and reduces the risk of the surface flaking, cracking, or spalling.

With all the combined benefits of concrete sealers, your beautiful new resurfaced patio will last for years. In fact, there is an excellent chance that it will outlast your ownership of the property Because your patio is a place where people love to congregate, protecting it with a quality sealer is critical. That adds value to not only your backyard but your home as a whole.

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio with sealer

While resurfacing transforms outdoor patios, concrete sealers add protection that allows them to provide years of flawless service. For that reason alone, it is essential to have your new concrete surface sealed ahead of hosting your next event.

The History of Sundek Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface - Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface – Classic Texture

Almost 50 years later, the Classic Texture Texture overlay remains one of the top choices of all decorative concrete products. The launch of this original spray-on acrylic finish revolutionized the concrete finish industry. In addition to using it for both residential and commercial applications, this innovative product is ideal for interior and exterior projects.

Initially, most people used the Classic Texture overlay as a pool deck coating. However, after recognizing its versatility, they began using it for many other surfaces, including driveways, patios, walkways, porches, entryways, and more. As an overlay, there is no need to have existing concrete ripped out and reinstalled. Even if it has surface imperfections, this product works incredibly well.

As the name suggests, the Classic Texture overlay has a textured surface. Because of that, it is slip-resistant, making it perfect for pool decks and other outdoor areas. When wet, people can walk on it without fear of slipping and sustaining an injury. Another unique characteristic of this product is that it remains cool to the touch. As a result, people can walk on it barefoot without burning the soles of their feet.

Armed Forces Retirement Classic Texture

Armed Forces Retirement Classic Texture

Over time, Sundek enhanced the Classic Texture overlay by creating a much broader range of colors and textures. Now with a total of 17 colors, you can achieve virtually any look you want. For something extraordinary, a skilled installer can use several colors, giving you a one-of-a-kind design. With so many possibilities, no other overlay outshines Classic Texture.

Although this overlay has a beautiful texture, it is still easy to clean and maintain. That is just one reason so many people trust this product for a host of outdoor applications. When subjected to harsh weather, it holds up perfectly. For your next project, consider Sundek’s original spray-on acrylic overlay. Even for a large area, you can have this product applied in no more than two days.