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The History of Sundek Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface - Classic Texture

Safe Walking Surface – Classic Texture

Almost 50 years later, the Sundek Classic Texture overlay remains one of the top choices of all decorative concrete products. The launch of this original spray-on acrylic finish revolutionized the concrete finish industry. In addition to using it for both residential and commercial applications, this innovative product is ideal for interior and exterior projects.

Initially, most people used the Classic Texture overlay as a pool deck coating. However, after recognizing its versatility, they began using it for many other surfaces, including driveways, patios, walkways, porches, entryways, and more. As an overlay, there is no need to have existing concrete ripped out and reinstalled. Even if it has surface imperfections, this product works incredibly well.

As the name suggests, the Classic Texture overlay has a textured surface. Because of that, it is slip-resistant, making it perfect for pool decks and other outdoor areas. When wet, people can walk on it without fear of slipping and sustaining an injury. Another unique characteristic of this product is that it remains cool to the touch. As a result, people can walk on it barefoot without burning the soles of their feet.

Armed Forces Retirement Classic Texture

Armed Forces Retirement Classic Texture

Over time, Sundek enhanced the Classic Texture overlay by creating a much broader range of colors and textures. Now with a total of 17 colors, you can achieve virtually any look you want. For something extraordinary, a skilled installer can use several colors, giving you a one-of-a-kind design. With so many possibilities, no other overlay outshines Classic Texture.

Although this overlay has a beautiful texture, it is still easy to clean and maintain. That is just one reason so many people trust this product for a host of outdoor applications. When subjected to harsh weather, it holds up perfectly. For your next project, consider Sundek’s original spray-on acrylic overlay. Even for a large area, you can have this product applied in no more than two days.

Why Sundek Decorative Concrete Products Outperform Others

Decorative Concrete Products

GOLD SunSplash (Sundek of San Antonio)

Whether upgrading a commercial or residential driveway, walkway, patio, pool deck, interior floor, countertop, garage floor, or some other surface, most people choose Sundek decorative concrete products. The reason for this is not by happenstance but because the products outperform the competition.

Decorative Concrete Products

SILVER Special Effects (Sundek of Austin)

The question that people ask is why. For one thing, Sundek is a leader in decorative concrete products. In fact, it helped launch the decorative concrete industry back in the 1970s with the introduction of Classic Texture, the original spray-on acrylic finish. After that product became available, the rest is history.

Sundek is also by far the most innovative decorative concrete product manufacturer. This company continually improves existing formulas while introducing new ones. This means customers always have access to the latest and most advanced offerings available. Regardless of the project, the outcome surpasses expectations. With every product perfectly formulated, you can expect optimal results.

There also is an incredible variety. Whether you want epoxy garage floors, decorative concrete kitchen floors, stamped concrete around the pool, or a stained concrete patio, this company has the ideal solution. Not only does Sundek have a broad range of interior and exterior solutions, it also offers products that work for both horizontal and vertical applications.

In addition to the more traditional surfaces, installers can use some of the decorative concrete products to change or create custom designs for fireplace surrounds, water features, fire pits, stairways, walls, and more. Some products even work on multiple surface materials, including stucco, cinder block, drywall, foam, and the list goes on.

When you combine innovation, variety, and quality, you end up with decorative concrete products by Sundek. The company even offers numerous resources, including contact information for skilled artisans, training, videos, and so on. Why settle for anything less than perfection when this company offers everything that you need for a successful project.

Get Your Customers Eating Outside on a Sundek Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

As a restaurant owner, you want to encourage your guests to enjoy the beautiful outdoors now that warmer weather has arrived. An excellent way to achieve that goal is with a stamped concrete patio. While the people who frequent your establishment have a gorgeous place to relax and enjoy a delicious meal or cocktails with friends, you end up with a patio that is easy to clean and maintain.

Primary Benefits

Beyond providing a place of your guests to go outdoors, there are many additional benefits of a stamped concrete patio. Just remember, for the best results, it is essential to have the work performed by a skilled contractor or professional installer. Also, make sure the person you hire for the job uses a superior-quality product, like SunStamp. The result is a finished project that exceeds your and your guests’ expectations.

Stamped overlay patterns

Stamped Concrete Patio overlay patterns

Some of the other reasons for choosing a SunStamp patio include:

  • Versatility – With an abundance of options for color, pattern, and texture, you can achieve virtually any look you want. That means creating an outdoor space that shares the same color scheme or theme as your restaurant or choosing something entirely different.
  • Customization – A skilled installer can create a design tailored specifically for your business. By giving you something unique, not only will the outdoor space attract the attention of your restaurant patrons, it will also guarantee no other stamped concrete patio likes yours exists.
  • Property Value – Having a beautiful stamped concrete patio will boost the value of the overall property, from both an appearance and financial perspective.
  • High-Tech – With this highly advanced technical formula, your patio will look gorgeous for many years to come. This technology is also what makes the surface so easy to clean and maintain. In fact, no other stamped products on the market can compare to Sundek’s SunStamp.

Using Sundek Maintenance Products to Bring Your Pool Deck Back to Life

Pool Deck Clean and ready to Enjoy

Pool Deck Clean and ready to Enjoy

Has your pool deck seen better days? With summer fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to do something about it. Fortunately, you can rely on premium maintenance products from Sundek to breathe new life into your pool area. Because of that, there is no reason to live with a dirty dungy pool deck.

Top Product Choices

  • SunKleen – This general-purpose cleaner works incredibly well. Especially for grease or oil spots commonly found around pools due to suntan lotion and cream, SunKleen penetrates and cleans.
  • SunSpot – This highly concentrated solvent is another powerful yet safe degreaser. Made from citrus fruit oils, it too removes oil and grease from decorative concrete surfaces.
  • SunTough – When resurfacing your pool deck with a decorative concrete overlay, this innovative product prepares the concrete surface so that when a professional installer begins the job, the overlay will react and penetrate better. That ensures a beautiful surface that will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Thanks to these products, keeping your pool area in pristine condition has never been easier.

Cleaning Your Pool Deck

Experts recommend that you hose off the deck and use either a push broom or squeegee to remove as much standing water as possible. Then, as soon as you notice a stain, oil or grease spot, or other surface issues, you can use one of the other products mentioned, followed by rinsing well.

Whether you are dealing with oil, chemicals, shoe marks, food or beverage stains, or even tree sap, you have viable options for tackling the problem. In no time, you can open your pool for the summer and keep it in perfect condition throughout the season. If you handle the cleaning of the pool deck, be sure to pay attention to the instructions of the product you use.

Sundek Decorative Concrete Showcases Award-Winning Projects

decorative concrete projects award

2009 DCC Award – 2nd place – vertical over 1500 sq ft – Potomac Club – Sundek of Washington

Over the years, Sundek’s dealers’ decorative concrete projects have received multiple awards for their work. Sundek corporate now has dedicated a place on their website to begin showcasing its award-winning concrete projects starting in 2009. For almost 50 years, people throughout the country have come to depend on Sundek products. Its overlays, stains, acrylic finishes, epoxies, and other products surpass customer expectations.

The following are some examples of the awards won for Sundek’s decorative concrete projects to give you a better idea of what Sundek can do and how inspiring these systems are for concrete surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Projects - Columbia Parc

Decorative Concrete Projects – Columbia Parc

2009 Potomac Club

 A professional installer used Sundek’s Classic Texture to create a stunning custom mural. The design, which coordinated with the building’s architectural features, depicted bold colored crashing waves on a wall next to the indoor pool. Sundek received second place for using a vertical overlay spray texture covering more than 1,500 square feet.

2012 Columbia Parc and Lincoln Park Towers

 Contractors worked with Sundek via Concrete Coatings Inc. and Sundek of Illinois, respectively, to get two, first-place awards for decorative concrete projects. For Columbia Parc, Sundek products helped revitalize a 3,350-square-foot pool deck and 735-square-foot splash park following Hurricane Katrina.

For Lincoln Park Towers, the owners chose Sundek to give the pool deck and patio a facelift. Working with a professional team, a herringbone and soldier course brick design using Classic Texture transformed both areas.

Garage workshop decorative concrete project

Garage workshop decorative concrete project


Already in 2018, Sundek has received three first-place and one second-place award for its incredible decorative concrete projects. The first was the Brock residence. The homeowners wanted to turn a garage into a man cave. Thanks to Sundek of San Antonio, they accomplished their goal. The second award was the University of Texas project in which Sundek products custom designed SA Student University Housing.

The third award was for work done at The First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis. Decorative concrete resurfacing gave the sanctuary a fresh, new look. As for the second-place award, an installer applied Classic Texture as an overlay at less than 1/4 inch thick at the Parr Park Spray ground.