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See the Versatility of Sundek Decorative Coatings

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How Do They Do That? The Versatility of Sundek Decorative Coatings

I recently wrote an article for a national trade magazine featuring the many design aspects of decorative concrete overlay systems. When I finished the piece I was amazed how versatile these materials are in regards to color, texture and patterns.

When one considers not only the design aspects but how practical these systems are it is an easy decision to select decorative concrete as your flooring of choice. Sundek decorative coatings are used to solve a host of concrete problems including cracking, discoloration, slip-fall issues, drainage problems, and correct uneven trip-fall hazardous concrete so this solution has a very practical side as well. It is not just pretty face!

What finally blew me away was the fact that decorative overlays can be applied in so many situations; interior-exterior, vertical-horizontal, new-old, concrete-masonry, plain or fancy!