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How Decorative Concrete Tricks the Eye

Decorative concrete stamped patio

Decorative concrete stamped patio

Decorative concrete can actually trick people into thinking they see one thing when they are looking at something completely different. To create an indoor or outdoor space that is inviting and unique, you will never go wrong with decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete gives you the opportunity to make floors, countertops, walls, fountains, pool decks, driveways, patios, and other concrete surfaces look as though they are designed with natural materials when, in fact, they are not. When professionally done, even the most discerning eye will have trouble making a distinction between what the material is and what it appears to be.

Stamped concrete is a perfect example. This consists of a contractor pressing patterns or textures into new concrete prior to it fully drying. After color stain is added, stamped concrete takes on a realistic appearance of the material being replicated. Whether you like the look of cobblestone, wood, brick, seashells, flagstone, pebbles, or another material, stamped concrete is a great choice. You can choose something subtle or go for a more elaborate design aesthetic.

Overlays are another possibility for decorative concrete. Ideal for an outdoor patio, they can be used to create a subtle or over-the-top design. An overlay is a protective coat comprised of high-polymer modified concrete. Once poured, the concrete is taped out as cobblestone, flagstone, or some other natural material. To create the right texture, a thin layer is poured on top and then the tape is removed once dry, revealing grout lines.. The result is so realistic that you will have a hard time convincing people otherwise.

Acid stain also creates a surface that tricks the eye. When professionally applied, different colors of SunAcid will turn an ordinary floor into a true masterpiece. For instance, if your home has a Southwest style, rich colors of red, orange, yellow, tan, and brown create what appears to be a gorgeous Arizona sunset. To achieve the desired look, several coats are sprayed onto the concrete, neutralized with ammonia and water, and then sealed for optimal protection.

Decorative concrete can be made to look like almost anything, including water. Although new trends crop up each year, when working with a reputable contractor, you can create whatever design you prefer most. All decorative finishes, whether stamped, stained, polished, or something else, are ideal for creating a fresh and updated look for any concrete surface. For that reason, decorative concrete has become the most popular method for transforming homes and businesses, inside and out.

How Property Managers Can Benefit Using Sundek Decorative Concrete Floors with Any Budget

Concrete Floors in Boulder Crest Wounded Warriors Retreat

Concrete Floors in Boulder Crest Wounded Warriors Retreat

A multitude of benefits comes from using Sundek decorative concrete systems. Especially for property managers who are responsible for keeping homes, apartment complexes, businesses, and other properties in pristine condition, many benefits go hand-in-hand with protected concrete surfaces.

As a prime example, many Sundek systems are ideal for a public gathering space or great room. Not only do decorative concrete floors look incredible, they are easy to clean and maintain, highly durable, and, based on the color of stain chosen, they make a very specific statement. One of the more popular options for living rooms is the handcrafted Tuscan system, which is stunning.

Sundek also has wonderful options for treating concrete floors in family kitchens. Because this room is the heart of the home, the one place where people tend to gather most, it has a lot of foot traffic. With the right coating, the kitchen floor will look beautiful and be easy to clean. In addition, the surface will be slip-resistant to prevent unwanted accidents. With a broad range of colors, virtually any aesthetic can be accomplished.

The concrete floors in game rooms, basements, and community centers also can be enhanced using Sundek decorative systems. Rather than installing an entirely new floor, the concrete can be resurfaced. Even when professionally done, this project will fit any budget. When finished, people will have an amazing place to congregate, whether just hanging out, watching movies, entertaining, or playing games.

The parking garage is one space that is often overlooked. Polyaspartic and epoxy solutions available through Sundek are excellent choices to protect and transform garage flooring. These protective coatings are tough enough to withstand daily abuse, including grease and oil, tire marks, gardening equipment, and more. The right coating will also make the floor more aesthetically pleasing.

Using the Best Concrete Coatings to Improve Durability and Extend the Life of Concrete

Stone Creek Club - Sundek Concrete Coatings

Stone Creek Club – Sundek Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings are ideal when installing a new patio, driveway, floor, or other concrete surface, but it is important to choose and apply the right type for your application.  There are numerous advantages in choosing concrete and while sealing it may not be necessary, applying a coating will provide many benefits. For example, with the right coating, the concrete will perform better, be more durable, and last longer. In addition, both the color and gloss will be enhanced.

One possibility for concrete coatings are acrylics that form a thin protective layer on the concrete surface. True acrylic coatings are available in water- and solvent-based formulations. This is a great option for a stamped concrete surface or an exposed aggregate concrete. In addition to many levels of sheen, solvent-based coatings, in general deepen and enhance the color of concrete.

Polyurethanes are another worthwhile option. This coating forms a high-build protective film, which is also available in water- and solvent-based formulations. While this type of coating works well on any concrete surface, it is superior for high-traffic areas. Not only does this coating enhance stamped and exposed aggregate concrete, it resists stains and scuffs.

When conducting research on the different options, it is important to consider certain factors. Be sure that you consider concrete coatings that are compatible with the type of decorative concrete surface being applied. Unfortunately, certain sealers can negatively interact with coloring agents and overlays, causing bubbling and color bleeding. Also, if any portion of the concrete patio is exposed to direct sunlight, you want a product like SunColor from Sundek that offers protection against fading.

Creating Style and Sophistication with Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete Custom Stencil

Stained Concrete Custom Stencil

It wasn’t that long ago that concrete was more of a subfloor. You would discover it if you ripped your carpet up. Now, you can turn it into your showpiece, thanks to concrete overlays and other exciting products. Of course, on its own, concrete is still pretty drab. You have to dress it up if you’re going to get the most out of it. You can do just that with stain. Stained concrete is full of style and sophistication, so you are certain to make a statement.

Create a Sophisticated Translucent Mottled Look

The translucent mottled look is one of the most sophisticated looks out there. If you walk into a home with flooring that has this look, you immediately think that the homeowner is sophisticated. You can achieve this look with concrete flooring with stain. You want to choose an acid-based stain, like SunAcid, for this type of look. Acid-based stains react with the salts and minerals in the concrete, which allows them to achieve the look. Once the stains are applied to the concrete, they can’t crack or peel, so you don’t have to worry about losing your sophistication or style over time. That makes this type of stained concrete a great option.

Create a Rich, Customized Look

Sometimes, the best way to achieve style and sophistication is to let your own personality shine through. If that is the case, you need to go with a water-based stain, such as SunH20. This type of stain can mix with a multitude of colors. That lets you choose a unique color that you can’t find on the shelf. You’ll be the only person with that unique color, so when people walk into your home, they will see something that they can’t see anywhere else. That is a great way to show off your personal sophistication. It’s also a great way to show people that you have your own sense of style. You can choose the same stain for throughout your home or different colors for each room in your home. That way, you can infuse your own style into every part of your home. Also, this stained concrete doesn’t crack or peel, so it’s in it for the long haul, as well.

Stained concrete is a great way to show the world who you are. You are a stylish, sophisticated person, and it is time to make your debut. Start with the right stain, and then get ready to show your style off to the world.

Incredibly Unique Ideas for Decorative Coatings

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic Epoxy

If you don’t want to be like everyone else, decorative coatings are perfect for you. They give you the chance to express your personality. While all of them are unique to a degree, you can really blaze your own trail with some of these ideas. Embrace these ideas as your own or use them as a starting point to create your own.

Go 3-D with a Metallic Coating

If you’ve been to the movies lately, you know that 3-D is all the rage. You can’t walk into a movie theater without someone handing you 3-D glasses and trying to usher you into the latest 3-D movie. You don’t need 3-D glasses for a 3-D experience. You can get a 3-D effect at home with a decorative coating system, like SunMetal FX. This metallic coating comes in an assortment of colors, ranging from violet to autumn, and because of the 3-D effect, each color really jumps out at you. Tell your friends to forget the movies and come over to your house for the full 3-D experience. They will be amazed by how unique a decorative coating can be.

Tuscan Wood Texture

Tuscan Wood Texture Decorative Coatings

Walk the Plank with Stamped Concrete

You can enjoy the look of a wood floor without the pain of owning one with a stamped concrete coating. Your contractor will put the stamped concrete over your existing floor, and it will look like you have a wood floor. You can use this for a variety of purposes. Add a wood-like floor to your kitchen, or use it for the front porch. You can even make a bridge for your backyard or create a wood-like deck.

Play with Texture

For years, concrete was a flat flooring material. It was something smooth to go under another type of flooring. Now that it’s the main flooring component, you can have some fun with it. Don’t be afraid to play around with texture. From textured coatings to using different types of stamped concrete, this is an excellent way to get a unique look. Let your imagination run wild with this. There is no right or wrong way to play with texture.

Don’t be afraid to try something new when it comes to decorative coatings. You just might be the next trendsetter in the concrete world. Next season, people might be racing to catch up with you. Then, you can go out and set the next concrete trend.