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Why Concrete Toppings Work Great for Renovations

Slab ready for a concrete topping

Slab ready for a concrete topping

Over time, concrete surfaces experience damage or become discolored. Instead of having everything completely ripped out, you should consider concrete toppings. For renovations in your home or business, this excellent solution will bring new life into otherwise drab concrete.

Whether a patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck, courtyard, or floor, concrete toppings will completely transform the surface. One of the key benefits of having a professional contractor apply a topping is that it saves a tremendous amount of time. To rip out concrete requires a great deal of time, as well as manpower. With concrete toppings, the work is completed more quickly without compromising on the quality of the finished project.

There are also times when concrete surface preparation is simply impractical due to extensive damage, excessive pitting, or inconsistent repair products. Once restoration of the concrete surface has reached the point of no longer being viable, concrete toppings are ideal. The right topping can correct the problem. One example is SunSplash from Sundek, which is an acrylic spray texture coating applied to existing concrete.

Another reason that concrete toppings are perfect for renovations is that you have the opportunity to get creative. Rather than a clear coating that leaves the gray color of the concrete intact, you can choose something with color, texture, or both. For instance, your contractor can apply SunStone, which is an architectural limestone coating that looks like the real deal, or SunStamp, which provides customized elegance while making a lasting impression.

Some additional benefits of using concrete toppings for renovations include an increased surface thickness, the new surface hides unsightly flaws, the surface is level and flat, and the surface is safer to walk on. With everything combined, it is clearly evident that concrete toppings are the best way to go for renovations.

Current Trends for Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

If you enjoy spending time with family, entertaining friends, or hanging out around the pool, there are a number of hot outdoor living trends to consider. At the top of the list is concrete. Your contractor can create the perfect outdoor environment, whether this involves a patio, courtyard, pool deck, or even driveway or walkway.

Using different methods, your contractor can achieve any look. That means regardless if you prefer a space that is ultra-contemporary, lush and sophisticated, rustic chic, or something else, the right contractor and top-of-the-line products will transform the space.

Color is a huge trend. In place of dull gray or boring colors, you have multiple color options. For instance, an acrylic finish will create a gorgeous color. Sundek offers two acrylic products. The first is SunColor, an acrylic water-based coat that is applied over any type of concrete surface. The second, SunSand, is a textured finish coat that is both beautiful and functional.

You also have options for outdoor living concrete using decorative overlays. This is a popular trend because it takes an existing concrete surface and turns into a space that looks fresh and rejuvenated. With 16 standard colors, plus many customized colors, you can go with something subtle or bold. If you are creating a modern and refined patio space, Mojave Sand, Indian Wheat, and Terra Cotta are all exceptional color choices.

Stains are another trend for outdoor living concrete. With semi-translucent colorations, you get a variegated and mottled look that appears natural. For instance, SunAcid is a reactive acid stain that perfectly mirrors the colors of nature. You can choose from 10 unique colors that include Buckskin, Cola, Walnut, Vintage Umber, Teal, and Green. Your contractor can also use SunDye, which penetrates the concrete. For this option, you have a choice of 16 incredible colors.

Beyond color, textured outdoor living concrete is in high demand. In addition to more traditional patterns and textures, your contractor can create a customized look based on your personal preferences. If you have a family crest or some type of design that you love, it can be incorporated into the design.

One additional trend for outdoor living concrete has to do with surfaces. Typically, people focus on the floor, which is fine, but decorative concrete is a great solution for countertops, as well as vertical applications, including fireplace surrounds, water features, walls, and so on.

The True Value of Decorative Concrete Resurfacing

Although you may understand the basics of decorative concrete resurfacing, you may not fully realize the incredible benefits of this solution. Today, decorative concrete is found in millions of homes and businesses throughout the country. Whether on floors, driveways, walkways, courtyards, patios, pool decks, or another surface, this is an excellent way to transform concrete.

Sundek offers many options for concrete resurfacing.

Sundek offers many options for concrete resurfacing.

To truly appreciate decorative concrete resurfacing, you need to consider the many benefits. If you have concrete that has become dull, damaged, or discolored, whether located inside or outside, it has a direct effect on the aesthetics of the surrounding area. Once the concrete is resurfaced, the home or business, as well as landscaping and nearby amenities, look beautiful, fresh, and clean.

Decorative concrete resurfacing is a better solution than having the entire concrete slab ripped out. It saves a tremendous amount of time. Having old concrete removed or even re-poured requires a lot of time. That means that you have to endure a mess for weeks, if not months. In comparison, with the right system, decorative concrete resurfacing can be done quickly and efficiently with a product like Sundek’s Tuscan, a handcrafted textured overlay with European style, or SunCanvas, a micro-topping coating that creates a new concrete canvas.

With decorative concrete resurfacing, you have the opportunity to create unique designs using color, texture, or both. For example, with stamped concrete, your contractor can replicate the look of real hardwood, brick, sandstone, granite, limestone, flagstone, and more. By adding one or more colors, you end up with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that will make you the envy of everyone.

Decorative concrete resurfacing increases the resilience for future wear and tear. As a strong, durable, and, in some cases, stain- and abrasion-resistant material, it looks great for years. A prime example is epoxy. Ideal for driveways, garages, and other spaces, this coating is highly resistant to stains, water, chemical spills, impact, tire marks, and so on.

There is also a chance that the value of your home or business will increase by choosing decorative concrete resurfacing. This investment enhances the aesthetics and lasts a long time. Because resurfacing fixes floors and other concrete surfaces that are cracked, worn, or damaged, they look new. In addition to improved curb appeal, resurfaced concrete looks amazing up close. Depending on where the decorative concrete is applied, your contractor can even create a nonslip surface.

Using Decorative Colored Concrete to Enhance Your Bar’s Aesthetic

After much planning and anticipation, you are finally down to the last details of your new bar. One remaining decision has to do with the materials for your floor. Although you have many options to consider, you cannot go wrong with decorative, colored concrete. In addition to its amazing beauty, this material is strong, durable, long lasting, and resistant to spills and abrasions.Concrete Bar Floor

For your bar, you want something unique, a design that stands out and represents your brand. This will help attract customers and encourage them to stay longer. That means increased business and generated revenue. The great thing about colored concrete is that it goes with any decor. Regardless if your bar is ultra-contemporary, rustic, chic, transitional, or something else, a concrete floor will look gorgeous and perform well.

One important note: To make sure that the colored concrete meets your expectations, it must be installed by a professional concrete contractor. In addition, the contractor that you select for the job should use only the best products available. For instance, Sundek has a line of exceptional products for commercial concrete applications. You can go with a decorative concrete overlay, like Tuscan, which is rich and sophisticated, the breathtaking SunDye stain, or something else.  Sundek has certified, trained and highly experienced dealerships throughout the USA.

To achieve the desired look, not only will your Sundek installer have knowledge of colored concrete products, he or she will understand how to use them. For example, your Sundek contractor will control the amount of water so that a consistent finish is produced. He or she will also lay the concrete when the environmental factors are perfect. Even the curing time is carefully monitored to ensure the perfect result.

Along with selecting one or more colors, your contractor will educate you about cleaning and maintenance. That way, the colored concrete floor will look brand new for many years to come. Your customers will be impressed with your bar and will be eager to come back.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Animal Facilities and Veterinarian Offices


Vet Epoxy Flooring

Vet Epoxy Flooring

Typically, people connect epoxy flooring to garages. While this is one option, they are also beneficial when used in animal facilities and veterinarian offices. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing to pet owners and employees, these floors offer a wide range of benefits for the animal care industry.

One reason for choosing an epoxy floor for an animal facility or veterinarian office is that the coating is resistant and impermeable to odor absorption, staining, animal waste, and the harsh cleaning products commonly used for sanitation purposes. When animals are taken to the vet or surrendered to a local shelter, most are frightened and confused. As a result, they tend to shed more and have accidents.

Advantages of Epoxy Floors

Without question, the biggest advantage of epoxy floors is the increased level of sanitation. Unlike other floors that have seams and grout lines, epoxy floors are one continuous flooring system. Concrete is a porous material; when left unprotected, fluids and waste are quickly absorbed. In comparison, epoxy is a strong sealant that prevents absorption. When properly cleaned, these floors are far more sanitary, which is essential for both humans and animals.

Another benefit of going with epoxy floors for animal facilities and veterinarian offices is longevity. Especially in busy facilities where a large number of animals are housed, concrete floors begin to deteriorate. To prevent that from happening, epoxy is applied. As a high-quality protective coating, epoxy can withstand daily abuse. Ultimately, the floors will not chip or crack due to a significant amount of foot and paw traffic.

Two additional benefits to consider are that epoxy floors offer slip-resistant properties and are more comfortable than other flooring systems. For older and sick animals, a slip or fall could cause a serious injury. To ensure the safety of animals, epoxy floors are ideal. There is also the factor of comfort. Because epoxy floors have some degree of cushion, they provide animals with a more comfortable place to sit and sleep.

Epoxy flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. For animal facilities and veterinarian offices that take in and treat animals on a daily basis, keeping the floors clean can be a monumental task. However, when epoxy is applied, cleaning consists of nothing more than sweeping and damp mopping. As for maintenance, epoxy floors can be sprayed down with water as often as needed.