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Stamped Overlays Give Management Companies an Edge Over the Competition

Regardless of the type of management company — property, investment, and so on — competition is stiff. To maintain the current customer base and attract prospects, these companies know that they need to provide superior services and a professional work environment. Top management companies have clients visit them on a regular basis. For that reason, it is important for them to have a waiting area and offices that reflect the caliber of the services provided.

Sunstamp by Sundek

SunStamp Decorative Concrete System by Sundek

Along with beautifully painted walls and furnishings, a great way for management companies to gain an edge over the competition is by having stamped overlays installed. With this flooring solution, companies have the opportunity to choose a design that best complements their style of office and even the type of services that they provide.

As an example, for a property management company of high-dollar estates to maintain and get new business, they must represent themselves as being professional. When clients and prospects walk into an office with floors featuring stamped overlays, they cannot help but be impressed. If a property management company resides in an older building with natural brick walls, stamped flooring that looks like brick is perfect.

The same goes for investment management companies. Since these companies deal with wealthy clients, they too must make a positive and lasting impression on anyone who visits their offices. Stamped overlays that replicate natural limestone create an elegant and sophisticated setting, exactly what these companies need to stand apart from the competition.

Not only do stamped overlays mimic various natural materials, including wood, brick, cobblestone, slate, and flagstone, they also come in a host of colors. Overall, this creates a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that complements the business. With a product like Tuscan or SunStone, an installer can achieve virtually any aesthetic. Providing clients with excellent service coupled with a professional office paves the way for a successful business.

Exciting and Innovative Pool Deck Solutions Used by Top Pool Builders

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is great. Whether you use the pool for taking morning laps, as a way to cool down and relax after a long day at work, or when hosting parties for friends or gatherings for family, you want something unique and innovative. Fortunately, top pool builders can create almost anything that you want, giving your backyard space personality and character.

Sundek Pool Coating on Commercial Pool

Sundek Pool Coating on Commercial Pool

Reputable pool builders suggest a product that makes a pool deck comfortable to walk on and cool to the touch. With Classic Texture, people hanging around the pool will have a more enjoyable time. This product is slip-resistant, preventing slips and falls that could lead to injury. However, Classic Texture is also gorgeous. Available in a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns, you can achieve any look preferred.

Another exciting and innovative solution offered by the best pool builders is a product called SunSplash. Your pool deck will be not only safe, durable, and low maintenance but also beautiful. Depending on what you want, a pool builder can create a custom aesthetic using score line effects, masonry effects, aggregate effects, and more. In fact, pool builders can apply this same decorative coating to other nearby surfaces to make your backyard space cohesive.

Sun H20 is another excellent solution for your pool deck. Professional pool builders can use this water-based stain to create a layered effect. They can use different colors of SunH20 to give you a one-of-a-kind pool deck. Because this product offers outstanding adhesion qualities, you never have to worry about it failing.

Top pool builders know the right products to use and how to apply the coating based on your desired aesthetic. As experts in the pool building industry, the person you hire can offer suggestions beyond what you might have considered. Ultimately, you end up with a beautiful and functional pool deck that enhances not only your backyard but also your home.

Why Are So Many Medical Offices Having Decorative Coatings Installed?

If you were to walk into a number of medical offices, a pattern would begin to emerge. Today, it is common for this type of office to choose decorative coatings for their floors. If you are curious why, the information provided will explain. Keep in mind that while there are several different coatings to choose from, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings rank as two of the most popular. Whether working with SunOne, SunEpoxy 100, or some other Sundek product, the results exceed expectations.

Liven up your medical office building with Sundek decorative coatings

Liven up your medical office building with Sundek SunMetal System

Start by looking at epoxy decorative coatings. This type of flooring solution is beautiful. Therefore, people who walk into medical clinics with an epoxy floor immediately feel welcomed. Not only does the surface have a high-gloss sheen, epoxy is extremely durable. That means that wheelchairs, crutches, and high traffic will not be a concern.

Another reason why so many medical offices have epoxy decorative coatings is because of the broad range of color options. This makes it easy to create a space that is more sophisticated and refined, or a space that is fun and bright, which would be ideal for a children’s medical office. Epoxy is also resistant to chemicals and stains, two things commonly associated with medical clinics. However, the non-porous surface is one of the greatest benefits of these decorative coatings, since epoxy resists mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

Polyaspartics are another popular choice for decorative coatings used in medical offices. Although this chemical compound has been available for commercial use dating back to the 1980s, there have been some tremendous advances. As a result, this type of coating is far more resistant to temperature and abrasions than before. In addition, polyaspartics are impermeable, meaning they will not transmit water vapor.

By using either epoxies or polyaspartics, medical offices have the opportunity to be creative in their design. Often, patients feel nervous about seeing a doctor, so what better way to make them feel comfortable than being welcomed by a beautiful, colored floor? Even for gray or black epoxy decorative coatings, a professional installer can add metallic colors or color chips/flakes. These flakes come in varying sizes, depending on how vibrant the medical office wants the floor to be.

The bottom line is that by using decorative coatings, medical offices have a more modern aesthetic while remaining professional. Considering that these coatings are both safer to walk on and easier to clean and maintain, it makes perfect sense why popularity within the health sector has experienced incredible growth.

Which of the Different Types of Concrete Overlays is Best for Your Project?

There is nothing wrong with variety. However, when it comes to the abundance of options for concrete overlays, you might feel overwhelmed when trying to narrow your choice to just one. To make sure that you select the best overlay for your project, you should spend a little time conducting research. Of course, you can always reach out for help from a reputable concrete installer.

Sundek SunStamp Overlay System

Sundek of Illinois Water Feature SunStamp

Stamped concrete overlays are one of the more popular choices and for good reason. For one thing, this overlay can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, what makes stamped overlays so incredible is that a professional installer can replicate the appearance of various materials, including stone, wood, brick, tile, and more. When finished, no one would even know the surface was concrete unless told. If you want something unique, stamped concrete overlays are exceptional.

Micro toppings are another type of concrete overlay that might fit your project. In this case, you can choose the actual grade, from fine to coarse, and select from a wide range of colors. If your current concrete surface is starting to look worn, instead of having it completely ripped out and reinstalled. Micro toppings are a much better solution. You can even have saw-cut designs added, which makes for a gorgeous floor.

Certain concrete overlays are perfect for horizontal and vertical surfaces. Based on how the overlay is applied, via trowel, broom, or hopper gun, the aesthetic changes. Again, when working with a professional installer you can discuss what look you want to achieve. Made up proprietary blends of sand, polymers and binders, this overlay provides a smooth, yet non-slip surface that makes it ideal for outdoor surfaces, including pathways, patios, and even driveways.

Although the overlay that you choose is certainly important, it is even more important that the appropriate product is used. Something like SunStone, Classic Texture, or Tuscan are all excellent products for concrete overlays.

Decorative Concrete Pool Decks: The Perfect Way to Create a Personal Oasis

If you are going to have a swimming pool in your backyard, why not go all out? To create your own personal oasis, a place that is peaceful, relaxing, and fun, decorative concrete pool decks are the perfect solution. Not only will the right pool deck enhance your backyard, it can be designed in such a way that it complements your home.

Sundek Classic Texture Pool Deck Coating

Classic Texture is Perfect for Pool Decks

Before going into specific design options using concrete pool decks, consider some of the many benefits. The Classic Texture Splatter Knockdown System offered by Sundek is just one example of numerous products that will completely transform your pool area. This particular solution is slip-resistant, comfortable to walk on, and easy to maintain. However, you also have a choice of many gorgeous colors and textures to create your dream space.

To create a tropical aesthetic, the right color choice is important. For decorative concrete pool decks using the Classic Texture product, you might consider something subtle like Oyster White, Franciscan Tan, or Kahlua. If you prefer something with a little more personality and character, you can always consider Peking Blue, Sable, or Terra Cotta. By adding in the right lighting and landscaping, your retreat will be ready to enjoy.

Something else to consider for decorative concrete pool decks in which the Classic Texture is used is that with this being a three to five-step process, multiple design effects can be achieved. Again, you can choose something that is less noticeable or a design that is bold and vibrant. To get an idea of the look that you want to achieve, spend some time looking at what other homeowners have done to design their decorative concrete pool decks. From there, you can lend your own creativity to the project.

In addition to the pool, many people choose decorative concrete pool decks and then have an adjoining walkway or patio enhanced with decorative concrete as well. If you decide to do this, you can use the same finish or mix and match for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic