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6 Pool Remodeling Ideas for 2020

If your pool area is beginning to look drab or you’re just ready for a change, take a look at these pool remodeling ideas transform your outdoor space.

pool remodeling

1. Give your pool deck a face lift.

Did you know that you don’t have to tear out your existing pool deck to make it look brand new? With concrete resurfacing, a coating is placed on top of your existing pool deck, giving you a renovated look without the mess and hassle of ripping out any concrete. And your existing surface doesn’t have to be in great shape—cracked, chipped, and spalled concrete can also be resurfaced. Here are some things to mull over when looking into resurfacing your concrete pool deck:

  • There are many design options, so choose one you love. Since you can choose from so many colors, patterns, and textures, you can give your pool deck a look you really want. If you like a particular material (for example, limestone, brick, wood, etc.), some installers such as SUNDEK can mimic the look with stamped concrete.
  • Keep your feet in mind. Since you and your guests will be walking around your pool with bare feet, it’s critical to consider how hot the pool deck surface will get. If you live in an area that gets very high summer temperatures or your swimming pool is in full sun, choose a light color for your deck so it’ll absorb less heat. Work with a contractor who is experienced in making pool decks that aren’t too hot to walk on. SUNDEK surfaces stay cooler than typical gray concrete, exposed aggregate, pavers, tile, and epoxy flooring.
2. Update furniture.

pool furniture

Maybe you accidentally left your furniture out all winter (oops!), or maybe you’re ready for something new. Either way, here are some factors to consider when choosing furniture for out by the pool:

  • Material. When choosing your furniture, don’t forget that it’s going to get wet. Materials such as cast iron and wrought iron rust fairly easily, so they’re not the best option for a pool area. Wood will be fine getting wet as long as it’s sealed property, but your best bet might be aluminum or recycled plastic. Here’s a helpful guide for choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space. For cushions, choose material that’s UV resistant so it’ll last longer.
  • Maintenance. The amount of maintenance required for your furniture depends on what type of material you get. If you get a lot of spider webs, you might find yourself annoyed at having to constantly clean them out of your wicker furniture. Know what you’re getting into before making a big purchase—maybe you’re someone who loves the look of cast iron and you won’t mind the extra maintenance required to keep a cast iron bench by your pool. No matter what you choose, invest in some furniture covers to make sure it lasts.
  • What and how much. Think about what you need before making your purchase. For example, how many chaise lounges will you use at one time? Do you really need an outdoor dining set on your pool deck? Maybe you do, but these are all questions to ask yourself so you don’t end up buying something you won’t use.
  • Comfort. This seems obvious, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. Make sure the furniture you purchase is comfortable so you actually want to sit or lounge in it.
3. Add shade.

For really warm days, a shady spot to hang out next to the pool will be paradise when you’re taking a break from swimming. If it gets really hot where you are, you might want to add something that shades a portion of your pool. Here are a few options:

  • Umbrellas. Make your umbrella mobile by putting it on a stand with wheels. That way you can move it around based on where you need it at the moment. You can get them in a wide variety of colors and patterns.
  • Shade sails. These are an inexpensive way to add shade quickly. Before purchasing, making sure you have something to tie each corner to.
  • Pergolas. A quick online search will reveal pergola styles ranging from classic to modern. You can get one with a roof of wooden slats, a retractable canopy, or create a living roof by growing a vine up the sides and across the top.
4. Improve the landscape surrounding your pool area.

pool landscaping

Plants and the right hardscaping can really enhance the look of your pool area. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Think about what pathways you need and how they will be used. A decomposed granite pathway is beautiful, but it’s uncomfortable on bare feet walking from your pool area to other parts of your yard. While a dirt path with pavers gives a rustic look, it can create a muddy mess. If you’re resurfacing your pool deck, talk to your contractor about creating a pathway, too. Contractors like SUNDEK can create gorgeous pathways that coordinate with the look of your pool deck.
  • Choose appropriate plants and find the right places for them. For example, plants that attract bees are wonderful, but you probably don’t want bees right next to your pool or pathways leading to your pool area. A messy tree or shrub right next to your spa is going to make maintenance a pain. A large, poky agave next to a pathway is a hazard.
5. Replace the waterline tile in your pool.

pool tile

In addition to protecting the perimeter of your pool from grime, waterline tile serves as a decorative element for your pool area. New waterline tile can really enhance the look of your pool—especially if your current tile is faded or hasn’t been well maintained. You can choose from various tile types including glass, stone, ceramic, or porcelain. Glass tiles are the most expensive, but they are also the most durable and non-porous. Stone tile can be used for a classic or Mediterranean look.  Glass, porcelain & natural stone are commonly used and are available in many different designs. Learn more about options for swimming pool tile here.

6. Take safety seriously.

You can never be too careful when it comes to safety in and around your pool. Here are some ways to prevent accidents:

  • Invest in a slip-resistant surface. In addition to being safe in the water, it’s also important to make sure the decking around your pool isn’t too slippery. If you need to resurface your pool deck, choose a contractor such as SUNDEK who will texture the surface to make it slip resistant.
  • Put up a fence around your pool. Some states have pool barrier guidelines, but even if yours does not, it’s smart to get one anyway. Take a look at the Safety Barrier Guidelines for Residential Pools from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Keep personal floatation devices on hand. If you often have families with children over to swim, it doesn’t hurt to keep a few flotation devices on hand for an extra layer of protection. (Tip: When children are swimming, a designated adult should be on watch at all times. Never assume a child in a pool is being supervised.)

Our New Corporate Home

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Sundek Building Progress

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Sundek Building Progress

Sealer application underway at the new headquarters

Sundek Building Progress

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A new chapter

SUNDEK is excited to exceed the capacity of our current building. Due to the most amazing employees, products and customers, we need a bigger building with more room for our team and additional capacity to manufacture our products to continue and meet the growing demands from our customers.

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Pool Deck Coatings: Perfect for Enhancing the Stay of Hotel Guests

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

Eye-catching pool decks are a worthwhile investment that create a visually appealing spot for guests to hang out, and also increase the odds that pictures of your hotel will be shared with potential guests.

Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

Commercial Decorative Concrete Pool Deck

With advances in resurfacing technology and materials, top-of-the-line products create gorgeous pool decks with more versatility. Especially when it comes to concrete overlays, choices like Classic Texture, Tuscan, and SunStamp are unbeatable. Although different decorative overlays produce unique results, they are all a fantastic way to give your hotel guests a place where they can relax poolside.

One option is by using a spray-on textured acrylic. The advantage here is that you can have a professional installer use different standard and custom effects to create a design unlike any other hotel in the area. The appearance alone leaves a lasting impression, making it easier for people to remember staying at your hotel and the exceptional quality you provided.

However, when using overlays for decorative concrete pool decks, there are other factors to consider. In addition to beautiful colors and design effects, they offer a slip-resistant surface. Because of that, people walking around the pool area are less likely to slip and fall. Not only does that help you from a liability standpoint, it also puts parents with small children at ease.

In fact, many decorative concrete pool decks are cool to the touch. Even on the hottest summer day, your hotel guests can kick their shoes off without burning the soles of their feet. A slip-resistant and a cool surface are just two qualities that overlays provide. With everything combined, the people who stay at your hotel will look forward to their next visit.

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Garage Floor Epoxy: 5 Key Benefits of Using Epoxy on Your Residential Floor

Garage Floor epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy garage floors have both visual and functional benefits. Whether you’re using your garage as a place to park vehicles or as a combination garage and workshop, you deserve a space that looks just as nice as the interior of your home. A quality coating, like SunEpoxy 54, provides a ton of advantages over other flooring solutions. For that reason, it has become the top choice for homeowners everywhere.

Epoxy garage floors top five benefits

  1. Durability – No matter how you use your garage, this part of the house takes a beating. Because of that, you need a durable flooring system that provides years of service. When coated with a quality epoxy coating, concrete resists considerably more wear.
  2. Fast Turnaround – If you want the application process to go quickly, a professional installer can complete the job in only one day. Within 24 hours in most cases, you can walk and park on the floor without any problem.
  3. Design Possibilities – Design versatility is another benefit of epoxy garage floors. As it is available in multiple colors, textures, and patterns, you can achieve any look you want. You can even have the product enhanced with aggregates, metallic flakes, glass beads, and an assortment of other embellishments. Instead of ordinary floors, this gives you the opportunity to customize their look.
  4. Incredible Resistance – The combination of an epoxy coating and a top-rated sealer ensures the floors resist stains, oil, grease, antifreeze, chemicals, water, abrasion, impact, hot tire marks, and more. With the application finished, your epoxy garage floors will always look new.
  5. Easy Cleaning and Maintenance – This coating is also easy to clean and maintain. To keep the floors in pristine condition, all you need to do is sweep and dust mop as required. If you want to clean the entire area, you can spray off any dirt and debris with a garden hose.

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Stamped Concrete Floor Design Ideas

Uniquely designed stamped floors can work wonders to enhance the look of your home. A lot of people have no idea that a skilled installer can make custom stamps, meaning there are no limitations as to what you can do. Whether you rely on your creative mind or search the internet for options, the sky is the limit.

You can select any one of the following stamped concrete floor designs as is or use them as inspiration to come up with something extraordinary.

  • Border – Instead of having the pattern be monotone throughout consider a border design. For this, you use two stamp patterns. For example, if you have a courtyard patio or a driveway in front of your house, you could choose a design that looks like ashler slate tile on the main field of the pattern and on the edges or outside of the area use a pebble stamp to resemble river rock along the borders and edges.
  • Sunstamp stamped concrete patio

    Sunstamp stamped concrete patio

    Checkerboard – For a contemporary home, stamped concrete floors in a pattern that looks like a checkerboard flagstone is ideal. Using complimentary colors you can create a pattern that resembles large slate tile blocks. Whether you have it installed in your foyer, kitchen or great room, you can expect family and friends to feel envious.

  • Leaves – An experienced installer can even create a dramatic effect using leaf designs. Applied in different sizes and the colors of fall, this would be a perfect solution for a home in the mountains or woods. Set against a green background, the gold, tan, brown, and red leaves pop and you can see the details within each leaf.
  • Medallion or Logo– You can even have a beautiful medallion design installed using stamped concrete. Remember, with customized mats, the concrete expert can create virtually anything that you want. Therefore, you could go with a Celtic medallion, sundial, family crest, or something you designed yourself.

Along with enhancing the interior of your home, with a product like SunStamp, you can use stamped concrete for a broad range of outdoor applications, including driveways, courtyards, patios, walkways, pool decks, and more.

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