Adding Personality to Outdoor Patios with Concrete Toppings

You want your outdoor patio space to look and function based on your personal preferences. Instead of a patio with lackluster personality and character, you might want to consider concrete toppings. When applied, the entire patio takes on a new persona, whether subtle, romantic, or bold.

Sundek Concrete Toppings for Outdoor Patios and More

Sundek Concrete Toppings for Outdoor Patios and More

Concrete toppings, also referred to as concrete overlays, are an excellent way to renew the appearance of an existing concrete surface. As long as the surface is structurally sound, these toppings are perfect for creating a new canvas for the type of decorative concrete surface that will enhance your outdoor surroundings. One aspect that make concrete toppings so unique is that they can be applied to almost any concrete surface at a thickness as low as 1/8” due to the high strength polymer modified additives.

Concrete toppings available today are significantly different from those in the past. Innovative products like SunStamp, which is a beautifully stamped overlay or Tuscan handcrafted textured overlay, are clear examples of this. In addition to superior adhesion, concrete toppings create a surface that is resistant to daily wear and tear. These toppings are also highly compatible with both water-based and acid-based stains, as well as integral coloring.

Used for indoor and outdoor applications, concrete toppings on their own are popular. However, when adding stains and colors, virtually any aesthetic is achievable. To personalize your patio, a professional installer can also apply a decorative concrete overlay to surrounding walls, fire pits, countertops, and fireplace surrounds. You can go with one color or coordinating colors, as well as different finishes that produce an extraordinary unified look.

By being creative, concrete toppings will completely transform the appearance of your outdoor patio, making it more inviting, fun, and overall impressive. If you have a beautiful pool and additional outside seating, you can be sure that your patio will be the one space where people prefer to congregate.