Why Acid Based Stain Has Increased in Popularity

Acid based stain

Acid based stain

Among the different options available for decorative concrete, acid-based stains have increased significantly in popularity not only for floors but also walls, countertops, outdoor spaces, and a host of other vertical and horizontal surfaces. If you wonder why this particular solution seems to be surpassing others, there are a few things to consider.

For one thing, many people like a permanent color, which is not something that every concrete coating provides. However, an acid-based stain does. Unlike a water-based stain, which merely changes the surface color, acid stain penetrates concrete. That permeation is what allows the color to become permanent. For both home and business owners, permanent equals better value.

Another reason for the growing popularity of an acid-based stain is that although the color is permanent, there are still ways to change it if someone decides down the road that they want something different. In that case, a professional installer can apply a different color of stain or can use a colored sealer, which modifies the aesthetics to some degree.

The fact that acid stain produces a marbled variegated effect is also an attractive feature. With this type of stain, as it penetrates, it then reacts to specific chemical compounds in the concrete. The result is a variegated surface that looks beautiful. As a bonus, because the reaction is unique for every concrete surface, no two results are ever the same. That individuality is also a driving force in the increased sales of an acid-based stain.

People can rely on this option to create a gorgeous translucent effect, making the surface appear new. With everything combined, it is easy to see why an acid-based stain is in such high demand.