2019 Awards

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2019 Award Winners

Triple Award Winner!

Sawmill Lake Recreations Center Splashpad – Bullion Coatings

1st Place in Decorative Coatings – Over 5,000 sq. ft

1st Place in Concrete Artistry – Over 5,000 sq ft

WOW Award

Project Name: Sawmill Lake Recreations Center Splashpad

Total Square footage: 1,632 sq. ft

This project features Sundek Classic Texture and Sundek SunCoat on a splash pad was the creative design of the TBG Partners in Houston.  The design was to use an array of colors and patterns to mimic the swamps of Louisiana with the stars reflecting in the water.  The splash pad had to live up to the neighborhood it was built in, the prestigious community … Read More

Celebrino Event Center – Sundek of Austin

1st Place in Cementitious Overlays – Over 5,000 sq ft

Project: Celebrino Event Center
Location: Georgetown, Texas

Mr. Deepak came to Sundek, and sales consultant Zach Wheeler, with a very catchy design request for his wedding venue. The venue required a product that is durable but also slip resistant since it would be the walkway that led up to the venue. Mr. Deepak was able to provide Sundek with a rendering of the final facility design … Read More

Anodamine Inc Office Building – Sundek of Austin

1st Place in Decorative Coatings – Over 5,000 sq ft

Project Name: Anodamine Inc Office Building
Total Square footage: 5,500 sq ft

Sundek was contacted by the GC during the build out on this project and was told that the owners were looking for an epoxy system for the interior as well as the balconies of the builder. They had an idea of what they wanted, however, upon asking a few questions realized that they had never heard of metallic epoxy. The owners were very open to the idea … Read More