2012 Project Of The Year

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Sundek of Nashville

Project Name: Tennessee State University
Project Address: 3500 John A Merritt Blvd, Nashville, TN 37209

Tennessee State University representatives contacted us in the early summer of 2010 to bid on the renovation of their indoor pool deck. When meeting with them pools side, I observed there was over 6100 ft. of carpet. Underneath the carpet were many layers of paint that would need to be removed for applying any of our coatings. They also wanted to include concrete bleachers in the pool area and a men’s and woman’s locker room adjacent to the pool area. We determined that the locker rooms would best be coated with a Polyaspartic chip floor and that extra time and work would be required in order to get down to clean, dry concrete in all areas. We were informed by our local waste
management that the cost of disposing of the carpet at the dump would be exorbitant. In order to lower costs, we elected to cut the carpet up and place it in the dumpster at our warehouse and call for an extra dump that week. The carpet eventually made its way to the same dump and we saved $2,200. After the carpet was removed, the deck was shot blasted, ground until all paint was removed and pressure washed.
While washing the deck, we noticed that the drains did not work effectively. They were old steel and brass drains, the original ones from when the pool was built in 1962. The drain covers and lids were totally corroded and the steel under part was filled with rust and debris. The drains had to be opened up and cleaned thoroughly. They were full of 50 years of hair and other gunk so water would not pass through with any efficiency. We took the drains to a metal works company and had them shot with glass beads which restored them to a like-new brass finish which significantly added to the look of the project. The Polyaspartic floor in the locker rooms was installed with color chips that coordinated with the university colors and wowed our customers. We now have orders to install this design on the football and basketball locker rooms and possibly other areas at TSU as time goes by.