2010 Project Of The Year

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Sundek of Nashville

Project Name: Gaylord Opryland
Project Address: Nashville TN 

Narrative for Gaylord Opryland Indoor Spa pool deck The Opryland Hotel contacted Sundek of Nashville to get our ideas on how they could solve a serious problem of extremely slippery tile on their relatively new indoor pool deck. They said that they had customers slipping and falling on the pool deck and had to settle approximately fourteen lawsuits in four years since the spa was built. We arranged a meeting and suggested SUNDEK’s  Sunstamp overlay with aluminum oxide grip in the sealer surface.

Project Design
The Opryland designers and architects spent a great deal of money and effort designing a beautiful indoor tile surface for their indoor spa. Upon our initial meeting they were concerned that a new pattern and color would have to be approved by the many layers of Gaylord management and design teams prior to our starting the project. They were relieved to hear that Sundek Nashville could closely duplicate the existing design and colors so that they would not have to spend many hours going through different layers of Gaylord management to get the design approved.

Economy and craftsmanship
The first question that the Gaylord management asked was if we could meet their slip coefficient standards and do it before a certain date. The hotel had a major convention previously scheduled and the indoor spa was to be available at that time because of commitments for the pool area. A decision had to be made as to whether the existing tile would have to be removed. The removal of 4000 square feet of tile that was firmly bonded to the sub straight would take a great deal of time and expense. We determined that we could shot blast the glazed surface off the tile and go over the existing floor with two SUNDEK base coats and our Sunstamp overlay. This process saved at least a week’s work and several thousand dollars.

Degree of difficulty of layout and installation
Before the project could be approved, Gaylord required us to create a sample on a few of the extra tiles they provided. They wanted us to:

  • Grind the tiles in order to remove the glaze
  • Apply SUNDEK surfaces to the tiles just as we would on their pool deck
  • Stain the Sunstamp coating as we would on the deck
  • Apply the sealer with our aluminum oxide anti-slip material in several gauges in order to determine how abrasive the surface should be.

The samples were inspected, tested and approved. A slip coefficient of .05 was the industry standard for pool decks according to the lawyers and safety experts.

Site compatibility
The adjacent outdoor pools and spas were in full operation during our construction of this project. Great care was taken to not disturb the Opryland customers or the Opryland staff offices that were located on the upper floors within the indoor spa area.

Project challenges:

  • Time – we had to complete the entire project within 15 days
  • Opryland provided us with close-in parking, but we had to transport our
    materials and equipment in and out every day because there were no storage
    areas on-site. The outdoor pools and spa area were to be fully functional during
    the entire time of our construction.
  • Our price was determined and contracted 30 days before the start of the project
    and was locked in stone. The spa area was to be accessible to a convention two
    days after our completion date.
  • The color of the Sunstamp tiles on the pool deck had to match the original tile
    design and color extremely closely because the original tiles were also on the
    vertical walls of the spa. The deck met the walls. The color had to be consistent
    over 4,000 feet. The stamping process was tedious and time-consuming.
  • The application of the anti-slip material also had to be consistent over the entire
    deck. After wetting the Sunstamp surface with water, the lawyers and safety
    director inspected and tested the deck surface every five or six feet to ensure the
    proper slip coefficient was met. All areas had to be .07 or higher. Upon final
    inspection our slip coefficient was .09 – .10. The lawyers and safety experts
    were thrilled.

Ecological and environmental
There were exercise areas and management office areas within the spa facility. The dust created by the shot blasting and SUNDEK installation on an indoor surface had to be addressed. The air conditioning vents were closed to the spa area. The pool was completely covered with plastic during the entire construction. The deck was vacuumed thoroughly since we could not blow the dust outside on to the outdoor spa and pool deck area. The vapors from our xylene-based sealer had to be prevented from entering the office and exercise areas that were being utilized. The doors were opened and fans were placed inside the spa area to circulate the fumes outside the areas in the evening once the outside pools were closed and the customers had left the area. The project was slated to take fifteen days. We completed it in thirteen days thus allowing plenty of time for clean-up by ourselves and the Opryland custodial staff. The Gaylord management was so pleased that they asked SUNDEK of Dallas to give them a proposal for the application of this Sunstamp overlay to Gaylord Texan Hotel in Dallas where similar slipping problems exist on their indoor pool deck.